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Ocean Ridge Maritime focuses on projects and cases that benefit from the unique combination of field experience and executive skills that its founder possesses. Previous projects and cases of note include:
Litigation Support and Expert Witness Consulting
Providing research and opinions on Maritime and Offshore cases


Maritime lawsuits, especially those relating to Safety and Environmental incidents, can be lengthy and expensive. As the founder of Ocean Ridge Maritime is still actively engaged in the Maritime and Offshore industries, in addition to having 40 years of field and office experience, the opinions developed are well thought out and presented in a manner that is relevant to today's operations.


Examples of the 70+ cases that Ocean Ridge Maritime has been retained for include:

* Shipyard Worker Fatality

* Jack-Up Rig Sinking with Fatalities

* Cruise Ship Passenger Injury

* Tugboat Crew Member Injury

* Jack-Up Crew Member Injury

* Drillship Crew Member Injury

* Tanker Crew Member Injury

* Life Saving Appliance Commercial Dispute

* Cruise Ship COVID Outbreak

Macondo Spill Response
Project Management provided for MSRC and BP


Mobilized during the first days of the spill response, Ocean Ridge Maritime provided Project Management services to Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) and then to BP. Working projects from airplane hangers, travel trailers, and offices, Ocean Ridge Maritime filled the role of Base Deputy for Aerial Dispersant Operations, Logistics Management for the MSRC response fleet, and Technical Manager of the Vessel Re-delivery Team for BP. During the Vessel Re-delivery project more than 50 Marine Surveyors and 15 Marine Engineers were directly supervised and over 1500 re-delivery surveys conducted.

Vessel Lay-Up and Preservation
Developing and Executing Lay-up Plans


During the recent industry downturn Offshore Drillers found themselves in uncharted territory, putting modern Drillships and Semi-Submersibles into short (Warm) and long (Cold) term Lay-Up. The lessons learned from this exercise are many, and how a vessel or rig is prepared for Lay-Up and Preserved will determine the cost and duration of the reactivation. The founder of Ocean Ridge Maritime had a major role in the Lay-Up of in excess of 20 Drillships and Semi-Submersibles and also helped plan and execute the reactivation of several.

Environmental Consulting
ECP Audits of an Offshore Drilling Company


The United States DOJ actively prosecutes Offshore Drilling and Shipping companies for Safety and Environmental transgressions. In many cases one of the outcomes of the prosecution is the development and implementation of a Court Approved Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP) or Environmental Management System (EMS). Ocean Ridge Maritime has been involved in the development of a Court Ordered EMS for a major Cruise Line and also in the Auditing of a Court Ordered ECP as the DOJ approved Third Party Auditor.

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