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Expert Witness, Marine Engineer, Marine Surveyor, ISM Auditor, Designated Person, Operations and Regulatory Executive, Global Head of Consulting Services. USCG Chief Engineer, USNR LCdr., ISM/ISO Auditor, Project Management Professional (PMP). Each of these roles and titles has contributed to the body of knowledge that is applied to every engagement.
Gerry Nielsen
Founder and President

The founder of Ocean Ridge Maritime has 40 years of experience in the Commercial Maritime, Offshore, and Cruise Industries and has held Senior Management roles in the areas of:


  • Marine (Shipboard) Operations

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Audit and Risk Assessment

  • Operations Management

  • Project Management

  • Management System Development  and Implementation

With a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, combined with a background that includes a USCG Chief Engineers license and experience in ISM/ISO Auditing, Marine Surveying, and Emergency Response, Ocean Ridge Maritime can provide you with professional and personalized service and support when assistance is needed.


Supported by a Network of Offshore and Maritime Professionals, Ocean Ridge Maritime is capable of providing experience and knowledge that rivals much larger firms. Our Network includes personnel with experience as:


  • MODU OIM, Master, Chief Engineer, and Drill Crew

  • Cruise Ship Master and Chief Engineer

  • Project Manager and Project Engineer

  • Designated Person Ashore

  • Marine Surveyor

  • ISM / ISO Auditor


Gerry Nielsen, President of Ocean Ridge Maritime

“Being a small consultancy firm we engage with every client on a personal and professional level to ensure that needs are met and desired outcomes acheived."

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