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Ocean Ridge Maritime has proven experience in the following areas:

The Founder of Ocean Ridge Maritime is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) with 35 years of experience. Consulting, Survey, and Project Management services have been provided across the Shipping and Offshore industries in the following areas:

  • Vessel Lay-Up and Preservation

  • Emergency Response Management

  • Client Acceptance Plan Development and Execution

  • Audit Program Development

  • Shipyard Periods (including reactivations and stacking preparation)

Expert Witness


Since the Exxon Valdez incident and response, through development of DOJ mandated Compliance Programs, to conducting ECP Audits as Third Party Auditor, the founder of Ocean Ridge Maritime has provided consulting services related to Legal Actions.  In recent years, Ocean Ridge Maritime has been engaged for the following:


  • Expert Witness Consulting involving:

    • Jones Act Injury Cases

    • Marine Debris

    • Oily Water Separators

    • Life Saving Appliances

  • Regulatory (Environmental) Compliance Audits

  • Technical Opinions related to Oil Spill damages

Preservation and Lay-Up Management


Ocean Ridge Maritime provides assistance with Planning and Management of Preservation and Lay-Up projects. Services offered include:


  • Preservation Planning

  • On-Site or Remote Preservation and Lay-Up Project Management

  • Preservation Material and Resource Budgeting and Procurement

  • Asset Specific Documentation developed with Reactivation in mind

Audits and Compliance


Ocean Ridge Maritime provides assistance with Development and Execution of Audit Plans and Programs, as well as with Conducting Audits on existing systems.  Specific examples of previous engagements include:


  • Conducting ECP Audits on Offshore Drilling Rigs as DOJ Approved Third Party Auditor

  • Co-Author of DOJ Approved EMS for a Major Cruise Line

  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance during Project Planning and Execution

Tim Ritz, BP Vessel Redelivery Project Manager

“Gerry supported BP's Vessel Demobilization Program during the Macondo spill response as the Technical Team Manager, managing an experienced team of marine engineers and field surveyors. He works well under pressure managing conflicting demands while exceeding expectations.”

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