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Preservation and Lay-Up Management

Ocean Ridge Maritime has proven experience in the Planning and Execution of Preservation and Lay-Up Projects:

The Founder of Ocean Ridge Maritime has managed the planning and/or execution of over 25 Preservation and Lay-Up Projects and can assist with:

  • Preservation Material and Resource Budgeting and Procurement

  • Remote or On-Site Management of the Preservation Project

  • Reporting and Project Close-Out Documents

  • Development of Asset Specific Project Plan and Equipment Preservation Records (EPR's)

  • Development and Submittal of a "Preservation Data Package" to the Classification Society to "Freeze" the Survey Cycle

Cold and Warm Lay-Up


The decision to move forward with a Cold or Warm stack is expensive and inherently full of risk. Ocean Ridge Maritime can assist with:


  • Decision making process - Cold or Warm Stack

  • Communication with Class regarding "Freeze" of Survey Cycle

  • Preservation Planning including identifying Milestones and sequence of Preservation steps

  • Documentation of "Reactivation Considerations" necessary for an accurate Reactivation Plan



Ocean Ridge Maritime approaches every Preservation and Lay-Up Project with Reactivation in mind. All engagements use documentation that is designed to flow seamlessly from Planning, to Preservation, through Lay-Up and then during Reacitvation. Ocean Ridge Maritime will customize the documentation to your specific equipment and systems to ensure that it may be used as the starting point of a Reactivation Plan.

  • Asset Specific Equipment Preservation Records
  • Preservation Summary Document upon completion

  • Preservation Data Package for submittal to Class

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